Photography by | Nienke Jorissen

A Press kit can be downloaded via this link

The direct result of merging biology and design is the TERRA project; a series of unique glass cylinders that encase miniature plants. Conceived from the designer’s fascination with nature and the man made world. From orchids to the tiniest carnivorous plant, these “satellite” worlds provide refuge for the unique, the rare and the beautiful.

Most of the plants originate from tropical rainforests, with others originating from tropical wetlands and moist Savannah’s. Places that are rapidly disappearing or changing because of human influence.

Part of the project features a commissioned OLED model designed for the showroom of Fraunhofer FEP in Dresden, Germany. Fraunhofer being the leading society of applied research in Europe. 

The title “TERRA” is derived from latin, meaning earth or our planet. A fitting name, since these objects carry tiny yet vital pieces of our planet earth.

All rights of this project are reserved by Morgan Ruben