Nero Lights

Photography by | Ilco Kemmere

At a time when new products are being developed at great speed, old crafts are rapidly disappearing to make way for mass production. This collection of lights was born of the designer’s wish to retain some of these crafts, while combining them with innovative developments in lighting technology.

Geometrical shapes, angles and lines create a simple and clean visual identity, highlighting the beauty of the materials. Handcrafted oak wood, impregnated with India ink composed of black soot and shellac, gives the base a deep black color. The rods containing the lighting are of stainless steel polished to a mirror sheen.

The lighting itself is LED and can be remotely changed in color. This allows a transition from the orange glow of sunrise to the cold bluish white of high noon, and all hues in between. Multiple lamps can be controlled in unison or separately.

The end result is a series of intelligent lights that can be adjusted to your mood or activity. Their minimal design makes them iconographic in form and color.